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Online Seminar (Free) – FoodTech

On Thursday, the 13th October, the online seminar titled "FoodTech: Open Innovation Ecosystem" will be held, with the support of SpCCJ and co-sponsored by the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy and the Field for Knowledge Integration and Innovation (FKII). *日本語はこちらのリンクからご覧ください。   Details of the Online Seminar Title: FoodTech: Japan and Spain’s first […]

Webinar: Floating offshore wind power Japan-Spain Business opportunities

On the 12th July 2022, the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain, with the support of the (SpCCJ) Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan, will hold an online seminar (English/Japanese) focusing on “Offshore Wind Power”. The Japanese government has set the goal of reaching an installed capacity of offshore wind power of 10 GW in […]

Webinar: Doing Business in APAC – How to Attract Top Talent in the Region

Are you looking to hire remote talent or scale in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region? Join our corporate members Globalization Partners and LaLiga in a free webinar to show how companies can seize the growth opportunities in the region to build a competitive workforce. The APAC region is a sought-after destination for any company eager to […]

Talent Hubs Around the World Series, Next Stop: Europe

We would like to promote an upcoming webinar by Globalization Partners on ‘Talent Hubs Around the World Series, Next Stop: Europe’. Through this webinar, attendees would be able to learn how companies can seize the opportunities Europe has to offer to build a competitive workforce. Event Outline Title: Talent Hubs Around the World Series, Next […]

Women in business leadership roles: Lessons learnt

To raise awareness of the importance of gender equality and to discover the lessons learnt by those who have been able to break the gender gap, the network of Official Spanish Chambers of Commerce in the Asia Pacific region is hosting a panel discussion inviting international female leaders from different industries and different cultural backgrounds.

Annual General Meeting 2022

The time has come for the 2022 Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan's Annual General Meeting (AGM). Please see the details below. Date: Thursday, March 17 2022 Time: 17:00 to 18:00 JST Venue: Virtual Conference The AGM is open to SpCCJ members only. All SpCCJ Members and Advisors are encouraged to attend.

Persuasion and Social Psychology by IE Professor Jaime Veiga Mateos

On February 17th our Corporate member IE University organizes in collaboration with the Spanish Chambers of Commerce network in Asia, the Online Masterclass "Persuasion and Social Psychology" by IE Professor Jaime Veiga Mateos. Most facets of business rely on persuading others. In sales, the goal is to convince the buyer that your product or service is better than your competitors’. In […]

SpCCJ Young Professional Mentoring Program – A Guide to the Mentoring Process

This master class will be held as part of the mentoring program for young people that the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan (SpCCJ) is planning. The session of 60 minutes targeting both mentors and mentees, will explain the importance of mentorship and in concrete will focus on: An exposition of concepts and basic aspects of […]

SpCCJ Young Professional Mentoring Program

As organizations have grown more complex, employees often need to take a more meandering path instead of a straight line to the top. Lateral moves to different departments or divisions can broaden employees’ experience to prepare them for a larger role but also create doubts and insecurities. Mentoring is a process, both voluntary and based on […]

Business Spanish Language Training Program

Communication obstacles like language barriers and stereotypes have a negative impact on international business and multicultural organizations. Effective communication can help to foster a good working relationship among your staff, improve communication with clients and increase your organization’s ability to communicate and understand an intercultural and growing population. The SpCCJ in collaboration with Novajika brings a useful tailormade Spanish language […]