“Spain Japan Business Contribution Awards 2021” To Andres Iniesta

“Spain Japan Business Contribution Awards 2021” To Andres Iniesta

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan (SpCCJ) announced the winners of its 6th “Spain Japan Business Contribution Awards (SJBCA)”, on Friday, 12 November 2021 at the Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon, in the presence of the H.E. Ambassador of Spain to Japan, Jorge Toledo Albiñana.

Established in 2016 by the committee of the SpCCJ to recognize successful business relations between Spain and Japan, the SJBCA has become one of the most important events among the Spain Japan business community in Japan.

In this 6th year, the SpCCJ presented the award to the Spanish football legend Andres Iniesta and his company SPORTS&LIFE (S&L) to recognize his outstanding career in football both in Spain and Japan and also his contribution to strengthening Spain Japan business relations through his various projects at S&L.

With the celebration of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics this summer, the Board of Directors at the SpCCJ decided to bring a “Sports” theme to this year’s award. Recognized and respected not just in Spain but also globally as one of the best athletes in history, Andres Iniesta brought a positive image of Spain to Japan since his arrival to the country in 2018.

As an example, being chosen as “Honorary Ambassador of Marca España” together with other famous athletes such as Rafael Nadal, Pau Gasol, and Fernando Alonso, in the project named “Spain For Sure”, shows his huge influence in the country. The project was launched in 2020 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union, and the Secretariat of State for Global Spain, together with the Foro de Marcas Renombradas Españolas (Leading Brands of Spain Forum), the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, and the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), to support a strong recovery from the Covid-19 and send a positive image of Spain abroad.

Mr. Iniesta’s success goes beyond the football field and as an athlete. In 2018, he established a global multidisciplinary sports business company, S&L, together with his manager Joel Borras. The company covers a wide range of business activities, ranging from representation of sports stars to intermediation in operations, brand management, to the creation of audiovisual content. Current projects include “Mikakus (trainers)”, “Iniesta Methodology (football academy)” and “Bodega Andrés Iniesta (winery)”.

We have a number of companies and organizations at the Spanish Chamber in the area of sports management. It is such an honor to see Andres Iniesta start a venture in Japan, proof of his entrepreneurial spirit as well as the business opportunities that Japan offers.

The Award Ceremony and the Reception was held at the Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon, with over 80 distinguished guests from the Spain Japan business community. Guests enjoyed dinner inspired by the flavor of Spain, which includes a dish specially prepared with Spanish Iberico Pork for this occasion, and excellent Spanish cava and wine provided by six Spanish brands.

The SJBCA was supported by a wide range of SpCCJ member companies; CVNE, Freixenet, Felix Solis, Garcia Carrion, Sukoruni Wine, and Torres generously sponsored excellent Spanish cava and wine, Solan de Cabras provided iconic Spanish mineral water, and long-time supporter Lladró sponsored beautiful trophy of Gallop for awardee with the wish for the Spain Japan business to continue growing as fast as gallop.

Comments from award recipients

Andres Iniesta

“Since my arrival, more than three years ago, I have tried to represent my country with pride and dignity; always with the will to maximize the image of Spain and generate a positive impact on a sporting, cultural and economic level.” “I am very happy with what this award means, and to be able to have a positive impact on the image of Spain and the country brand, in every sense.”

List of SJBCA winners

2016 LaLiga

2017 Rakuten, Inc.

2018 Gestamp Autotech Japan


2020 Japan Airlines and Amadeus IT Group S.A. (Joint Awards)

Desigual | 3D AR experience

Desigual | 3D AR experience

Desigual has launched a 100% inmersive 3D experience pop up at Shibuya.

The brand’s latest capsule collection, Sexy Planet, was presented as AR mull art by artist Tadaomi Shibuya, AR artist KAREZMAD, and art director Takuma Kobayashi.

The new collaborative collection from Desigual and Spanish designer María Escoté is all about spreading love. Utilizing brilliant colour, references to Japanese aesthetics, playful silhouettes and more, Desigual x María Escoté is a judgment-free exploration of everything that makes being alive such a wonderful thing to be.

Floral and animal prints abound, playing atop both chic oversize shapes and tight feminine fits — each piece effortlessly blending a street casual look with chic modernity. With its diversity of styles and the addition of unisex garments, Desigual x María Escoté is truly designed with everyone in mind.

María Escoté stresses that this collection is about uniqueness, both of the garments and those who wear them. “Sexy Planet speaks of diversity, of a planet of different people,” she starts. “It speaks of difference as identity, of the magic of feeling different, of interracial procreation, of mixture, and invites us to go out and reconquer this planet.”

Silestone® by Cosentino Debuts “The Metamorphosis,” Starring Cindy Crawford and the Ethereal Collection

Silestone® by Cosentino Debuts “The Metamorphosis,” Starring Cindy Crawford and the Ethereal Collection

Silestone® by Cosentino launches its second series under the new corporate image recently presented by the brand. It also comes with a major campaign named “The Metamorphosis” featuring entrepreneur and international fashion icon, Cindy Crawford.

Ethereal Dusk, Ethereal Haze, Ethereal Glow and Ethereal Noctis are the names of the four new colours of this marble-inspired series which recreate the dream-like beauty of the sky.

Silestone® Ethereal presents the new and exclusive HybriQ+® technology, a milestone in the industry which entails a new production process and composition for Silestone®, where the presence of crystalline silica is significantly reduced while achieving great sustainability levels both in the composition of the product and in the manufacturing process.

Cantoria (Almería), 2021.- Silestone® by Cosentino, the world’s leading hybrid mineral surface for architecture and design, is launching its second series worldwide under its new corporate image. The new Silestone® emblem and character has given rise to the Ethereal collection, which also comes with a major campaign featuring entrepreneur and international fashion icon, Cindy Crawford.

Ethereal by Silestone® represents a quantum leap in terms of design, innovation and sustainability, in line with the transition that the Silestone® brand name is undergoing externally and internally with the development of the cutting-edge HybriQ® technology. This evolution of Silestone® leads to a series of patterns over a white canvas designed to become a best-seller in interior design, and which are the main reason for the title of Cindy Crawford’s campaign with Silestone® Ethereal, ‘Metamorphosis’.

This marble-inspired collection consists of four colours, namely Ethereal Dusk, Ethereal Haze, Ethereal Glow, and Ethereal Noctis, which recreate the dream-like beauty of the sky. The designs offer a deep, fine veining on a white foundation.

Silestone® Ethereal

Ethereal Dusk showcases an urban look in which the bluish tone of its veining brings a modern and avant-garde touch to the space. It symbolises a unique, unforgettable and personal sunrise, in which peace, solemnity and tranquillity are seen on the horizon in the last moments of darkness.

Ethereal Haze includes a dynamic range of grey tones to emit plenty of personalities. This colour conveys both calm and character thanks to an interplay of gradients which blend into pure neutrality. Ethereal Haze takes us to an imaginary world where the wind moves the clouds over the mountains, creating an optical illusion of tranquillity and fluffiness.

Ethereal Glow is simply pure, classic elegance. Its golden and grey veining merges with a tinged white foundation, running through the entire design and bringing an accent of colour to every corner. It is inspired by the sunset and its igneous colours and glow, a vision from which you cannot look away. It is an evolution of our internationally acclaimed Silestone® Eternal Calacatta Gold colour.

Ethereal Noctis is synonymous with sophistication. The tinged white foundation is broken up with short grey and black veins, providing contrast, depth, simplicity and modernity. It is inspired by the darkness after sunset, making us feel life with a strange halo of unreality.

Silestone® Ethereal & HybriQ+®

Silestone® Ethereal is the result of HybriQ+®, the exclusive and pioneering technology developed for Silestone® by Cosentino. HybriQ+®, launched in 2020, is a qualitative leap in the evolution of Silestone® brand. It is a new production process characterised by the company’s commitment to the environment, the circular economy and sustainable management. With HybriQ+®, in addition to Cosentino’s environmental milestones, such as the use of 99% recycled water and 100% renewable electric energy in the production process, at least 20% of recycled raw materials are used in the manufacture of Silestone®.

Furthermore, HybriQ+® technology stands out for its new formulation in the composition of Silestone®, where the presence of crystalline silica is significantly reduced. Instead, a new hybrid formulation of mineral raw materials with equal or better performance than quartz and materials of a recycled origin is used. With this new composition, Silestone® benefits from the same mechanical and technical features and an appearance that enhance its beauty, but with a sustainable focus and new design possibilities including improved depth and translucency.

Desigual Friends & Family Fiesta

Desigual Friends & Family Fiesta

Desigual is living a celebration! Desigual Friends & Fiesta event was held this weekend at their flagship shop at Harajuku.

Because Desigual is one big family and we have a great time together. Because we want to share happiness and optimism. Because you are a Desigual friend and we want the friends of our friends to be our friends too. Because we eat, drink and because celebrating is part of our culture. Because we look forward to welcoming you in our stores, which are the homes of Desigual. Because a day with Friends is better than a day without. Because we like changing the ordinary, like going shopping, into something extraordinary.

SOLARIG expands its portfolio of projects in Japan with the signing of a contract with X-Elio

SOLARIG expands its portfolio of projects in Japan with the signing of a contract with X-Elio

Solarig, a leading company in the Solar Photovoltaic industry, continues to consolidate its presence in Japan with the signing of the contract with  X-Elio, for the design, supply, assembly, construction and commissioning of a photovoltaic plant in Sodegaura.

The agreement reached will allow Solarig to build a plant with an installed capacity of 16.16MW in Sodegaura, Chiba prefecture, Japan. Following the signing of the contract and the preliminary cleaning of the land, the excavation of the pond and some cutting and filling work in the surrounding area have begun.

Solarig holds an extensive experience in signing this kind of contract worldwide, been the fifth project that Solarig has developed in Japan.

In this case, the agreement will generate some 150 indirect jobs, reaffirming Solarig’s commitment to generating local employment and will involve the installation of around 28,210 modules of 575Wp and 570 Wp.

Luis Perezagua, Managing Director Solarig Japan Services: “From Solarig Japan Services, we are proud to be part of the growth of X- Elio as a leader in the Japanese Energy Market showing them our commitment and work excellent as EPC services provider drawing the path to a long-term powerful alliance together”.

Its commissioning is scheduled for early November 2022 and it is estimated that it will generate 19.05 GWh of clean energy in its first year.

¡Vamos España! Spain Fair in Fujinomiya

¡Vamos España! Spain Fair in Fujinomiya

At long last, the Tokyo2020 Olympics have begun.
While the main action takes part in the Kanto area, many cities and towns in Japan have taken the opportunity to register as host towns, offering their support to athletes to hold their pre-Games training camps.

During August 5th and 6th, coinciding with the karate kata Olympic competition and in collaboration with Fujinomiya, the host city for the Spanish Karate Olympic team, we held the event ¡Vamos España! at Aeon Mall.

Many thanks to the locals who cheered and supported the Spanish Karate Team during their stay in #Fujinomiya and many thanks to the members of the #SpCCJ that supported us at the venue! Grupo FreixenetGARCIA-CARRIONLaLigaSolan de Cabras#sukoruniVidal Candies#tourspain.

SpCCJ Vaccination Campaign

SpCCJ Vaccination Campaign

After making a big effort to help accelerate vaccine distribution for our members, their colleagues and their families, the SpCCJ campaign for the COVID19 vaccine the second dose is a reality.

On July 30th, 50 people in Osaka complete their vaccination schedule and, on August 1st 400 people got the second shot in Tokyo. 

It’s too early to know the duration of protection of COVID-19 but developing immunity through vaccination means there is a reduced risk of developing the illness. It is expected that fully vaccination could also open the door to the reduction of travel restrictions including business travel.

GARCIA CARRION wines are awarded 51 medals in ‘Mundus Vini’ and ‘Sakura Awards’

GARCIA CARRION wines are awarded 51 medals in ‘Mundus Vini’ and ‘Sakura Awards’

After setting a record in 2020 with 638 medals, GARCIA CARRION continues to triumph, achieving a better result than last year in these two international competitions.

The spring edition of ‘Mundus Vini’, one of the most prestigious competitions in the world of wine, awarded GARCIA CARRION wines and cavas with 37 medals. Among these are the special mentions such as the best wines in their category for Viña Arnáiz Gran Reserva in Ribera del Duero, Jaume Serra Pinot Noir Rosé in rosé cava and Opera Prima Merlot as the best red wine from La Mancha.

The ‘Sakura Awards’, a Japanese competition of great international importance with a jury made up entirely of women, awarded the Viña Arnáiz Ribera del Duero Reserva wine with a Double Gold. This recognition is one of the 14 medals won in this contest, among which Golds for Pata Negra and Marqués de Carrión wines are also of particular note.

GARCIA CARRION has already won a total of 51 medals so far this year. With awards such as these, the winery reaffirms its fundamental position in the world of wine, being recognised as one of the most awarded and valued wineries.

The effort, care and dedication of the family company GARCIA CARRION, who in 2020 reached a total of 130 grape harvests, lead to Spanish wines, so excellent because of their quality, being recognised in any corner of the world. Thanks to the work of a family and the support of more than 45,000 producers, we can proudly say that García Carrión is one of the leading wineries in the world.

10th anniversary Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

10th anniversary Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Today, Japan marks 10 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake. However, some of most affected areas still struggle to recover.

Downtown Onagawa before the disaster (July 2010).
Downtown Onagawa after the disaster (April 2011)

In 2018, we, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan (SpCCJ), had an opportunity to meet people from the youth team of “Cobaltore Onagawa”, a football team of Onagawa, one of the most affected areas of tsunami. In the 3.11, some kids lost their families and friends and 7 years after the disaster, some of them were still suffering and struggling. After having a conversation with them, we decided to support them with a trip to Spain.

Not many people know but the first Japanese delegation led by Tsunenaga Hasekura left over 400 years ago the port Tsukiura, which is located within a stone’s throw from Onagawa. This Hasekawa delegation stayed over a long period of time in Coria del Rio, a small town in south of Spain, and approx. 650 of Coria’s 24,000 residents, as reported in 2003, use the surname Japón, identifying them as the descendants of the first Japanese official envoy to Spain. Since then, Coria del Rio continues having a strong relationship with Japan, especially Ishinomaki, Onagawa and Sendai area, and in 2013 the Japanese Prince Naruhito visited Coria del Rio to commemorate the 400 years of relationship between Spain and Japan.

The SpCCJ’s Charity auction to take the Cobaltore Onagawa to Spain was held during the SpCCJ 2018 Gala. The SpCCJ not only raise fund for the trip, but also provided various exciting opportunities for the Cobaltore boys such as coordination of a video message from a Japanese football star Takashi Inui, who at that time was playing in Real Betis, collaboration with LaLiga to invite the boys to the football match of Getafe CF where Gaku Shibasaki was playing, and organization of a clinic with the coaches of Real Betis and a meet & greet with Erina Yamane from Betis’s female team in Sevilla.

2 years has passed from that memorable trip to Spain. The boys kept contact with Japon sans from Coria del Rio, who visited Onagawa after and celebrated a Spanish flamenco night in this small town of north of Japan. Ms. Yamane also visited the Cobaltore while she was back in Japan during the off season. Also, the captain of the team back then, who scored a goal against Real Betis youth team, got scouted for the youth team of the Vegalta Sendai, one of the top teams in Japan.

We are very delighted that this trip became a start of new friendships and a big turning point for some boys.

3.11 東日本大震災から10年が経ちました。現在もなお、避難生活を余儀なくされている方々たちが5万人近くいるなど、まだ復興作業が続いています。








Madrid, 25 de febrero de 2021

La Asamblea General Ordinaria de la Federación de Cámaras Oficiales de Comercio de España en Europa, África, Asia y Oceanía (FEDECOM) aprobó por unanimidad en reunión virtual un segundo mandato del Presidente Eduardo Barrachina, a su vez Presidente de la Cámara Oficial de Comercio de España en el Reino Unido.  Del mismo modo, se eligieron las vicepresidencias de Europa, África y Oriente Medio y Asia y Oceanía. Para Europa fue elegido José Michel García, quien compaginará la vicepresidencia de Europa con la Presidencia de la Cámara Oficial de Comercio de España en Francia, para África y Oriente Medio ha sido renovado en su cargo Guillermo Cobelo, Presidente de la Cámara Oficial de Comercio de España en Emiratos Árabes Unidos, y para Asia y Oceanía, ha renovado también su cargo María José Rodríguez, Presidente de la Cámara Oficial de Comercio de España en Australia.

Para la Secretaría General de la Federación se incorpora Yolanda Gimeno, Secretario General de la Cámara Oficial de Comercio de España en Italia.

Por primera vez en la historia de la Federación, se han constituido tres vicepresidencias para dinamizar FEDECOM y abordar los retos que la Junta Directiva se ha puesto. Sobre la nueva Junta Directiva, Eduardo Barrachina ha dicho que “Basta ver las trayectorias y perfiles de los tres Vicepresidentes y del Secretario General para darse cuenta en el acto de que se trata de un equipo extraordinario de profesionales con una amplia experiencia en el sistema cameral internacional”.

Con esta nueva Junta Directiva Fedecom adopta una postura mucho más estratégica y sofisticada a la hora de coordinar todas las iniciativas en una Federación de cámaras que cubre cuatro continentes.

La apertura en los dos últimos años de cuatro nuevas Cámaras Oficiales en India, República Checa, Singapur y Senegal, refuerza la labor y el importante apoyo que FEDECOM y las Cámaras Oficiales que la componen, prestan en beneficio de los intereses generales españoles en el país en que radica y en el fomento de las exportaciones y de las inversiones españolas en mercados claves para España. Con las nuevas incorporaciones, FEDECOM reúne ya a 23 Cámaras Oficiales de Comercio de España, reconocidas por el Estado Español y establecidas en Europa, África, Asia y Oceanía: Alemania, Australia, Bélgica y Luxemburgo, Casablanca, Catar, República Checa, Corea, Emiratos Árabes Unidos, Filipinas, Francia, Hong Kong, India, Italia, Japón, Malta, Portugal, Reino Unido, Senegal, Singapur, Sudáfrica, Tánger y Túnez.

FEDECOM refleja el dinamismo de la empresa española y es un instrumento de inteligencia económica clave en la internalización de la empresa española y la acción exterior del Estado.  La principal misión de FEDECOM, asociación internacional sin ánimo de lucro, consiste en la defensa de los intereses generales de sus Cámaras asociadas y empresas que las componen, la información sobre instrumentos adecuados para el buen desarrollo de sus actividades, la colaboración con la Cámara de España, así como relaciones con otras instituciones internacionales. Las Cámaras de Comercio Españolas en el exterior pertenecen a la red global de Cámaras de Comercio que impulsa y coordina la Cámara de España.

“Nuestra interlocución y coordinación con la Cámara de España y la Secretaría de Estado de Comercio es muy estrecha y constante. La creación de las tres vicepresidencias nos permitirá trabajar de un modo más eficaz”, ha dicho Barrachina.

Con la elección de la nueva Junta Directiva de Fedecom, Barrachina ha puesto en valor la extraordinaria relación que existe entre el Gobierno (a través de la Secretaría de Estado de Comercio), Cámara de Comercio de España y el resto de cámaras de comercio en el exterior.  El Presidente de FEDECOM ha aprovechado para recordar a los presentes los proyectos de futuro en los que está trabajando la Federación: la digitalización de estas instituciones para acercar la red de Cámaras a todos sus usuarios, el desarrollo de un mapa de servicios para colaborar con la Administración Pública española en su acción exterior y la mejora en la comunicación y visibilidad para poner en valor el trabajo que hace la institución y crear más oportunidades.

En FEDECOM se trabaja por las empresas españolas desde Lisboa a Sidney pasando por Londres, Rabat, Dubai, Nueva Delhi o Manila. Nunca se han hecho tantas cosas, pero -ante todo- nunca con tanta coordinación y de forma tan alineada con las necesidades de España que pasan ineludiblemente por que la internacionalización vuelva a ser un motor de la recuperación de la economía española.

Eduardo Barrachina, Presidente de la Cámara de Comercio de España en el Reino Unido, es Asociado Senior en el bufete White & Case y ejerce como Solicitor en Londres asesorando a grandes empresas en operaciones financieras internacionales. Eduardo estudió Derecho en la Universidad de Barcelona y la University of Sheffield (2001). Obtuvo con Merit el Máster (LLM) en Derecho Internacional de las Finanzas por el King’s Colllege University de Londres (2005).

Guillermo Cobelo, Presidente de la Cámara de Comercio de España en Emiratos Árabes Unidos, es CEO regional de Técnicas Reunidas para Oriente Medio. Ingeniero de Caminos y licenciado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas, comenzó su carrera profesional en el sector de la ingeniería ferroviaria, durante el desarrollo de la red de alta velocidad española y en 2012 entró en Técnicas Reunidas en el departamento de contratos corporativos.

José Michel García, Presidente de la Cámara Oficial de Comercio de España en Francia, es Socio director de Antelis, despacho de abogados franco-español. Titular de master 2 en derecho mercantil y economía por la Universidad Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne. Abogado desde 1988, colegiado en Paris y Madrid.

María José Rodríguez, Presidente de la Cámara Oficial de Comercio de España en Australia, país donde reside desde el 2011. Jefa de Desarrollo de Negocios de ACCIONA Construcción Australia, es responsable de liderar nuevas oportunidades de negocio en el sector infraestructuras.  Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos y Master en Ingeniería Ambiental, cuenta con una amplia experiencia en la industria de construcción e infraestructuras.

Yolanda Gimeno, Secretaria General de la Cámara Oficial de Comercio de España en Italia. BA (Hons) Degree y Título Superior en Administración y Dirección de Empresas y AMP por el IESE Business School. Previa a su experiencia en la Cámara, trabajó diez años en Merrill Lynch en gestión de patrimonios y renta variable en las oficinas de Londres.