Desigual has launched a 100% inmersive 3D experience pop up at Shibuya.

The brand’s latest capsule collection, Sexy Planet, was presented as AR mull art by artist Tadaomi Shibuya, AR artist KAREZMAD, and art director Takuma Kobayashi.

The new collaborative collection from Desigual and Spanish designer María Escoté is all about spreading love. Utilizing brilliant colour, references to Japanese aesthetics, playful silhouettes and more, Desigual x María Escoté is a judgment-free exploration of everything that makes being alive such a wonderful thing to be.

Floral and animal prints abound, playing atop both chic oversize shapes and tight feminine fits — each piece effortlessly blending a street casual look with chic modernity. With its diversity of styles and the addition of unisex garments, Desigual x María Escoté is truly designed with everyone in mind.

María Escoté stresses that this collection is about uniqueness, both of the garments and those who wear them. “Sexy Planet speaks of diversity, of a planet of different people,” she starts. “It speaks of difference as identity, of the magic of feeling different, of interracial procreation, of mixture, and invites us to go out and reconquer this planet.”

Author: SpCCJapan