We are proud to announce that we have another new corporate member joining the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan this year: Kikuchi & Partners.

Kiuchi & Partners is a law firm established in 1980 based on the concept of contributing to the pursuit of the happiness of each client. The firm runs the office based on the motto: «Clients who visit our office always leave much happier than when they arrive.»

The attorneys respect each client’s will and provide various legal services, utilizing a wide range of backgrounds such as a former judge, a former prosecutor and notary, one with a license outside Japan to practice internationally, etc. They also work with different kinds of professionals to provide one-stop service for clients.

For international cases, the firm works with foreign attorneys and external professionals as well. With profound understanding of different cultures not limited to Japan, they are available to offer support in Japanese, English, and Spanish.

Please check their website for more information: Kikuchi & Partners – Kasumigaseki Tokyo Japan | KIKUCHI & PARTNERS (160kslo.jp)

Nana Takahashi
Author: Nana Takahashi