Acércate a las Oportunidades Comerciales en Japón

Una pequeña introducción

La Cámara de Comercio de España en Japón (SpCCJ) ies una organización sin fines de lucro que reúne a empresas, asociaciones y profesionales pertenecientes a diferentes sectores e industrias cuyo objetivo es promover los intereses comerciales entre Japón y España.

En línea con estas metas, la Cámara de Comercio de España en Japón (SpCCJ) canaliza las actividades de la comunidad empresarial española y japonesa en Japón, fomentando actividades las comerciales, desarrollando su red de contactos, promocionando sus actividades y ofreciendo servicios tanto a exportadores como a importadores.

Somos la única Cámara de Comercio de España en Japón (SpCCJ) reconocida oficialmente tanto por el Ministerio de Economía, Comercio e Industria de Japón (METI) como por el Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo de España. Nuestras actividades solo son dirigidas y controladas por nuestros miembros a través de la junta directiva. Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan (SpCCJ) officially recognized by both the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

Nuestras actividades están dirigidas y controladas por los miembros a través de la Junta Directiva.


Desarrolla tu red de contactos y crea relaciones valiosas para encontrar socios y clientes potenciales.

Desarrollo Profesional

Más de 25 eventos durante todo el año, con diferentes temáticas y participantes. Aprende de otros empresarios.


Encuentra el contacto que estás buscando apoyándote en una organización con reconocimiento oficial.


Forma parte del European Business Council (EBC) y defiende los intereses de tu industria ante la administración japonesa.

Promo y Comunicación

6 communication channels for members to utilise, including SpCCJ website, newsletter and social media.

Contenido Especial

Obtén acceso a promociones, descuentos y contenido exclusivo ofrecido por SpCCJ y nuestros miembros corporativos.

SpCCJ Young Professional Mentoring Program

As organizations have grown more complex, employees often need to take a more meandering path instead of a straight line to the top. Lateral moves to different departments or divisions can broaden employees’ experience to prepare them for a larger role but also create doubts and insecurities. Mentoring is a process, both voluntary and based on trust, by means of which a person with experience and the will to share it in an unselfish way, tries to help another to achieve his or her goals and cultivate his or her skills through a series of conversations of a personal kind, confidential and limited in time, as well as with other learning […]

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6th Inter-Chamber Ski Race

Dear SpCCJ members, Skiers, Snowboarders and Onsen Fans – our winter love story goes into its 6th edition! After we had to cancel our Ski and Snowboard event in 2021 due to the pandemic, we are now preparing for the 2022 edition, scheduled for the weekend of 11-12 February 2022.Winter sports lovers will notice that this coincides with the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing and we hope to get some digital exposure to the games at our retreat. Members, friends and families of foreign chambers of commerce retreat for a friendly race and a great evening networking party to the mountains of Niigata. With more than 120 people attending, this is probably […]

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Redes Sociales

A Guide to the Mentoring Process

Potential Mentors & Mentees gathered yesterday in a masterclass to discover the stages that a long-lasting and successful mentoring relationship should navigate. The session was skillfully conducted by Dr Celia De Anca, Director of the Center for Diversity in Global Management at IE Business School where they run a successful mentoring program for more than 15 years. This master class was held as part of the mentoring program for young people that the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan (SpCCJ) is planning. The session of around 60 minutes targeted both mentors and mentees, explored the importance of mentorship and in concrete focused on: An exposition of concepts and basic aspects of “mentoring” (what it is about, its

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“Spain Japan Business Contribution Awards 2021” To Andres Iniesta

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan (SpCCJ) announced the winners of its 6th “Spain Japan Business Contribution Awards (SJBCA)”, on Friday, 12 November 2021 at the Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon, in the presence of the H.E. Ambassador of Spain to Japan, Jorge Toledo Albiñana. Established in 2016 by the committee of the SpCCJ to recognize successful business relations between Spain and Japan, the SJBCA has become one of the most important events among the Spain Japan business community in Japan. In this 6th year, the SpCCJ presented the award to the Spanish football legend Andres Iniesta and his company SPORTS&LIFE (S&L) to recognize his outstanding career in football both in

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Desigual | 3D AR experience

Desigual has launched a 100% inmersive 3D experience pop up at Shibuya. The brand’s latest capsule collection, Sexy Planet, was presented as AR mull art by artist Tadaomi Shibuya, AR artist KAREZMAD, and art director Takuma Kobayashi. The new collaborative collection from Desigual and Spanish designer María Escoté is all about spreading love. Utilizing brilliant colour, references to Japanese aesthetics, playful silhouettes and more, Desigual x María Escoté is a judgment-free exploration of everything that makes being alive such a wonderful thing to be. Floral and animal prints abound, playing atop both chic oversize shapes and tight feminine fits — each piece effortlessly blending a street casual look with chic modernity. With its diversity

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