We are thrilled to announce that BTS Group has joined the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

BTS Group is a global leader in telecommunications technologies with 25+ years of industry experience. Headquartered in Miami, USA, the company owns a cutting-edge technology ecosystem cultivated within its Innovation Hub in Zaragoza, Spain. Committed to advancing the telecommunications sector, BTS Group develops customizable solutions for operators.

One of BTS Group’s distinguishing features is its worldwide presence, supported by multiple offices across the globe. The company thrives on diversity, recognizing it as a core strength that fuels the convergence of cultures, viewpoints, and perspectives that underpin BTS Group’s commitment to innovation. 

In a pivotal move, BTS Group established a joint venture in 2017 with Softbank, known as «S and BTS,» to enhance its presence in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, further expanding its global footprint. 

BTS Group joins the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan, bridging Spain and Japan, fostering a connection with Japanese culture and talent, and reinforcing its dedication to international collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Please check their website for more information: www.bts.io

Nana Takahashi
Author: Nana Takahashi