Potential Mentors & Mentees gathered yesterday in a masterclass to discover the stages that a long-lasting and successful mentoring relationship should navigate. The session was skillfully conducted by Dr Celia De Anca, Director of the Center for Diversity in Global Management at IE Business School where they run a successful mentoring program for more than 15 years.

This master class was held as part of the mentoring program for young people that the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan (SpCCJ) is planning.

The session of around 60 minutes targeted both mentors and mentees, explored the importance of mentorship and in concrete focused on:

  • An exposition of concepts and basic aspects of “mentoring” (what it is about, its taxonomy, objectives, the differences between “mentoring” and “coaching”, etc.)
  • The importance of mentorship and how to leverage the opportunity
  • A detailed description of the “mentoring” process (its phases, “inputs”, “outputs” and skill for each of them, etc.) and of the main tools to carry it out
  • A set of recommendations (best practices) for the progress of the mentoring relation, from the mentor`s as well as from the mentee’s perspective

The mentoring program will run for six-month and the SpCCJ is currently accepting applications for both mentees and mentors from individual and corporate members. You can participate as a mentee if you are a young employee of an individual or corporate member of our association. Mentors can be individual members or corporate members who wish to volunteer.

We want to express our gratitute to Kaoru IINO, Country Director, Japan at Ie Business School for her essential participation in the organization of this program.

Author: SpCCJapan