We are pleased to announce that our corporate member, BH FITNESS , and the Japan Padel Association have recently signed a partnership agreement regarding physical training for Japanese players!

Spanish training equipment giant BH FITNESS, the official supplier of several powerhouse clubs, including 2021 La Liga winners Atlético de Madrid, has signed a partnership agreement with the Japan Padel Association. BH will make their Edogawa’s boutique-style gym “FREELY GO” available to the players of the national padel for their preparation

Iñigo Salinas, the marketing manager at BH Fitness, said, “We are very happy to collaborate with the Japan Padel Association on this project and contribute to the professionalization of padel in Japan.” They are confident that the top-notch equipment provided by FREELY GO and the personal training menu created by our local partners will greatly improve the physical preparation of the athletes for the next competition. Regarding the development in Japan, he said, “The reception of our brand in the Japanese market has been excellent. We have been doing business with top professional clubs and gyms in more than 100 countries in various industries for many years. We are sure that our customers in Japan will appreciate our quality and the technology that we can provide.” The company is working on many projects in Japan and plans to increase its presence from a long-term perspective.

Padel is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, especially in Europe and Latin America where it has become the second most popular sport in several countries after football. BH Fitness has a proven track record of installation in top-level tennis clubs, padel clubs, large fitness centers, hotels, residential gyms, and corporate gyms.

In relation to this agreement, Chairman Nakatsuka of the Japan Padel Association said, “We are delighted that this partnership has become the reality with BH Fitness, a major fitness equipment manufacturer. We live in an era where physical strength is required, and at the same time, the body is the capital of an athlete, so we would like players aim for the top by training their bodies properly.”

Author: SpCCJapan