Spain Fair 2022 at Prince Hotels & Resorts

Spain Fair 2022 at Prince Hotels & Resorts

We are pleased to announce that our corporate member, Prince Hotels & Resorts, are going to kick off the “Spain Fair 2022 – ¡Fiesta de España!-“ from the 29th April to the 30th June 2022.

Do you fancy flamenco night at the gorgeous terrace? Have you ever imagined taking classes of art with tapas and wines? Would you like to enjoy beautiful Spanish cuisine by famous chefs, Juan López Pérez and Stefano Brunato? If yes to any of them, the Spain Fair 2022 is the place to be!

In addition, our corporate members, C.V.N.E and Solan de Cabras are also collaborating by providing their wines and natural mineral water, so don’t miss them!

The Spain Fair 2022 will be held at 10 hotels in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Saitama. There will be various events and promotions at the different branches of the hotels during this period.

The theme of the Spain Fair 2022 is “Recorrer” (meaning “travelling around” in English), so please enjoy various events by travelling different hotels of Prince Hotels & Resorts like if you were travelling around Spain.

To find out promotions and more events like below of the Prince Hotels & Resorts, please check their website  or view their brochure.

Free Flamenco Show

Date: 7th May 2022

Place: Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel

Sherry Seminar

Date: 4th June 2022

Place: Grand Prince Hotel Shin Takanawa

Takanawa Royal Artbar

Date: 25th June 2022

Place: Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa

The Gold Bar at Edition Opens at Tokyo Edition (Toranomon)

The Gold Bar at Edition Opens at Tokyo Edition (Toranomon)

Opening date: 29th April 2022

We are pleased to announce that our corporate member, The Tokyo EDITION, is going to open the Gold Bar on the 29th April 2022.

Gold Bar at EDITION is an intimate cocktail destination to stimulate the senses, inspired by the golden age of classic cocktails in pre-Prohibition America. Recently celebrated in Conde Nast Traveler’s Hot List and Travel + Leisure’s It List – highlighting the best new hotels in the world for 2021 – this new offering for The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon is a testament to the innovative, world-renowned cocktail bars that the EDITION brand is known for.

Gold Bar at EDITION is a sophisticated haven for hotel guests and visitors, showcasing innovative takes on classic cocktails alongside an ever-evolving menu of small plates and a vast selection of whiskies and local gins.

“The Golden Age of Cocktails” brought about some of mixology’s best inventions: The Martini, Daiquiri, and Manhattan were all created in this time, spanning from the 1860s through the Prohibition Era. The 87-seat Gold Bar at EDITION features a creative cocktail menu reimagining these timeless concoctions with modern techniques, incorporating Japanese spirits and select local ingredients.

Curated by Director of Bars Hideyuki Saito, the menu focuses on classic cocktail categories, such as Punch, Sour, and Fizz. Cocktails on the menu include, NIPPON PALE ALE, made with local chardonnay from Nagano, pisco, grappa, pineapple, IPA and nutmeg; PINOT & TWO GRAPES, made with bourbon, nature pinot noir, local concord grape, vermouth, citrus; and MUGI & SHOGA, which combines dark rum, Yamazaru Mugi Shochu (a smokey barley shochu), blood orange liqueur, ginger, citrus and soda.

Gold Bar at EDITION’s food menu will be created each season by a locally renowned chef, Chef Narukiyo, highlighting the finest Japanese ingredients. Known for his celebrated downtown namesake, izakaya Narukiyo, serving homemade southern Japanese seasonal food, will be the first to curate the menu. A selection of small plates will be served throughout the day and into the evening. Dishes on the menu include Tasmanian Salmon marinated in White Miso, Salmon Roe with Truffles; Cutlet Sandwich with Wagyu Beef Tenderloin with Dengaku Miso Sauce and Gold Bar Chocolate with Hazelnut, Almond and Lemon.

All black with deft flourishes of white and gold, inspired by the design of rare pieces of fine jewellery, Gold Bar at EDITION will feature blackened wood finishes inspired by Japanese yakisugi, a traditional method of charring cedar to preserve the wood. The venue will also feature gold accents, a black marble bar, and white barrel-vaulted 16ft (5m)-high ceilings. The intimate bar is finished with a focal fireplace made of Nero Marquina, which hangs a gold-leaf artwork by Guerin Swing. Gold Bar at EDITION will play a mix of low-tempo classic, jazz, soul, and R&B midweek selected by Gray V, with named DJs playing on Friday and Saturday nights.

The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon represents a very delicate balancing act between the refined, elegant, simple and pure approach of Japan’s culture, style, and traditions and EDITION’s passion, emotion, sophistication, perpetual subversion of the status quo, and desire to break the rules to create something entirely new and that has never been seen before. With the subversion of styles, this synergy of elegance and simplicity is present throughout the restaurant and bars at The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon, and none more so than in Gold Bar at EDITION.

About Gold Bar

LOCATION: 1st Floor

CAPACITY: 87 seats

OPENING HOURS: Weds – Thu 17:00 – 24:00

Fri, Sat, Day before public holidays 17:00 – 02:00

Closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (Open on 1st & 2nd May)


The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon 4-1-1 Toranomon, Minato Ku, Tokyo 105-0001 Japan





Hotels is an unexpected and refreshing collection of individualized, customized, one of-a-kind hotels which redefine the codes of traditional luxury. Displaying the best of dining and entertainment, services and amenities “all under one roof,” each EDITION property is completely unique, reflecting the best of the cultural and social milieu of its location and of the time.

For affluent, culturally savvy and service-savvy guests, the EDITION experience and lifestyle explores the unprecedented intersection and the perfect balance between taste-making design and innovation and consistent, excellent service on a global scale.

EDITION manages 14 hotels around the world spanning from North America and Europe to the Middle East and Asia.

EDITION Hotels recently announced further international expansion by the end of 2022, with the slated opening of eight new properties across three continents. The planned new openings include sites in Rome, Tampa, Doha, Mexico’s Riviera Maya at Kanai and EDITION’s second property in Tokyo. With 14 hotels worldwide currently, these planned openings underscore the brand’s strong growth. EDITION is one of Marriott International’s Luxury Brands. | @editionhotels |

Solarig Japan Services and X-Elio, our corporate members leading solar revolution in Japan

Solarig Japan Services and X-Elio, our corporate members leading solar revolution in Japan

Solarig Japan Services está feliz de anunciar la consecución de la Inspección Final del Proyecto Sodegaura propiedad de X-Elio en la Prefectura de Chiba, cumpliendo con los parámetros temporales y de calidad previstos. 

Según declaraciones de Luis Perezagua Pérez, Country Managing Director de Solarig Japan Services: “Nos complace mostrar nuestra capacidad de liderazgo en las labores de construcción dentro del área de EPC, el compromiso con nuestros clientes al centrarnos en añadir valor a sus proyectos y que todo ello contribuya al CrecimientoSostenible de Japón. 

Solarig Japan Services, a la vanguardia de los servicios de EPC y de la revolución solar.

Solarig Japan Services is pleased to announce being granted with the Final Inspection from Chiba Prefecture at our Sodegaura Project owned by X-Elio on time and expected quality.

Luis Perezagua, Country Managing Director of Solarig Japan Services: “We are pleased to show our leadership capacity in the EPC construction works, commitment with our clients by focusing on adding value to their projects, thus contributing to the SustainableGrowth of Japan.”

Solarig Japan Services – Leading the EPC services, leading the solar revolution.

ソラリグ・ジャパン・サービシズは、X Elio所有の袖ケ浦プロジェクトについての千葉県による最終検査において、スケジュール通りの進行状況および期待通りの品質を評価されたことを報告できることに感謝いたしております。

ソラリグ・ジャパン・サービシズのカントリー・マネージング・ディレクターであるルイス・ペレサグアは、「私たちが、 SustainableGrowth of Japan に貢献するクライアントの皆様のプロジェクトへの付加価値の付与に焦点を当て、EPC建設工事におけるリーダーシップを披露できることを嬉しく思います。」と述べております。