We are happy to share that Papabubble Japan has participated in the SpCCJ as a corporate member.

Papabubble originated in Barcelona in 2003. They are an art candy shop where craftsmen not only use traditional candy crafting techniques but also incorporate performances to entertain customers.

They opened their first store in Japan in 2005 and currently have 21 stores nationwide, mainly in Tokyo. Papabubble’s shop looks like a small theater and is also called “Craft Candy Theater.” You can enjoy watching a jewel-like piece of candy undergo a vivid transformation from liquid to solid in the hands of craftsmen at some of their stores.

They can also create custom-made original candies and have a number of collaborations with luxury brands and well-known animes. The candies are used as souvenirs for parties and exhibitions and as plate cleansers for restaurants. Clients love the products for different logos, the skill to reproduce anime characters, its beautiful luster, and the unique texture that softly melts in a mouth.

Since they have produced their original Sagrada Familia candy, they hope to promote Spain further and become a bridge between Spain and Japan.

Please find more information: PAPABUBBLE公式サイト/オンラインストア – PAPABUBBLE ONLINE

Nana Takahashi
Author: Nana Takahashi