Our corporate member, Lladró has been sponsoring our Spain Japan Business Contribution Awards since it began in 2016, and this ceremony will be the 7th year this year. Every year we celebrate the successful business relations between Spain and Japan, and each Awardee (Laliga, Rakuten, Gestamp, Fast Retailing, Japan Airlines and Amadeus, and Andrés Iniesta and his company SPORTS&LIFE (now NSN)) has received the trophy of Gallop I. It is the elegant equestrian sculpture by Lladró that represents strength and natural elegance.

The President of Lladró Japan, Colin Chow has stated “We have chosen Gallop I as a trophy for this ceremony because galloping is the fastest gait performed by a horse. We wish the awardee the most prosperous future of the development of its business which will be most beneficial contributions to the economy of both Spain and Japan.”

In addition, not only the awardee will enjoy the product of Lladró, but there will also be an opportunity for guests to enjoy their product while enjoying dinner. Lladró’s Firefly collection inspired by the fascinating light emitted by fireflies on warm summer nights, will be illuminated at the tables of the ceremony. Also, if a guest is lucky enough, s/he will win the raffle prize of Lladró – Sunflower Firefly Lamp (Blue).

On the 25th November 2022, who will receive the Gallop I trophy at the Tokyo EDITION Toranomon?

Author: SpCCJapan