August 11th – 13th 2019

27 kids from all over Japan participated in the very first Camp of our Corporate Member Inieta’s Methodology School.

During 2 days of summer camp, conducted by top level coaches specially selected by Andres Iniesta, kids could improve not only their abilities on the pitch, such as offensive and defensive tactics and team building, but also something important off the pitch. They learnt some Spanish language and culture too!

The excitment of the clinic reached to the climax when Andres Iniesta appeareard to give the certificates, medals, autographs and all other special presents to the kids.

The kids will never forget this amazing experience they have had with the coaches and their hero Iniesta!

If you want to send your kids to experience something beyond football, stay tuned for the next Iniesta Methodology Campus!

Author: SpCCJapan