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2021 SpCCJ's Raffle! 大抽選会!

Everyone’s favourite, SpCCJ Raffle is back again this year! Just like in the past years, we will prepare amazing prizes for raffle winners! All you need to do is buy tickets online, each ticket costs only 1,000JPY and the more tickets you buy, the more possibility you have to win prizes!

In the past raffle, we had prizes such as Luxury Fashion items, Direct Flights to Spain, Premium wine, Golf bags, Restaurants Dinner tickets etc…

The Online Raffle is open for everyone, so if you are not participating in the Awards Dinner, you still have chances to win prizes if you buy tickets!

The Onsite Raffle is open for those attending the Gala Dinner but you can also purchase your tickets in advance.

Are you curious to see what we have for this year’s raffle? You can see all the items by clicking on the link below.

The Prince Park Tower Hotel