Annual General Meeting 2024

The 2024 Annual General Meeting will be held online on Thursday, 27 March, from 17h JST until 19h JST. 

The AGM is an essential part of the chamber governance and provides an opportunity for shareholders to engage with the management team and have a say in the decision-making process. Shareholders also vote on important matters, such as the election of directors, appointment of auditors, and any other significant proposals that require shareholder approval.

SpCCJ 2024 AGM Agenda

  1. President’s Welcome
  2. FY2023 Activity & Membership Report
  3. FY2023 Financial Statements Approval
  4. FY2024 Budget Approval 
  5. FY2024 Activity Plan
  6. Result of the election of the Board of Directors
  7. Q&A


Who can vote?

Each Corporate Member has one voting right.

The Corporate Member must have fulfilled its fee contribution obligations towards the Chamber at the moment of the voting. 

Individual Members do not have voting rights. 

When can I vote?

The voting period will start from March 11th at 12h JST and it will remain open until March 17th at 11:59h JST.

What will be voted on?

  • Consent to hold a virtual AGM: The Members should agree on the meeting format.
  • FY2023 Financial statements: The SpCCJ presents its last year’s financial statements to its members for approval.
  • FY2024 Budget: The SpCCJ presents its FY2024 budget to its members for approval.
  • Election of the Board of Directors and Auditor: The members elect the board of directors for the period 2024 – 2026.

All the documentation will be shared with the members during the voting process. 

    Where should I vote?

    The voting will be an online process accessible from March 11th, 12h JST, through the Electionrunner website:

    Members with voting rights will receive their login credentials by mail. 

    Contact if you have any problem during the process. 

    Register to attend the online AGM

    Board of Directors

    On Mon, Feb 26, the SpCCJ will begin accepting applications for the 2024-2026 SpCCJ Board of Directors term

    Below you will find everything you need to know about the upcoming elections, what being on the SpCCJ’s board entails requirements to become and member of the board, and why you may wish to consider joining, to help steer one of Japan’s active and fast-growing chambers in the year ahead. 

    We will accept applications until the 12pm of Monday, March 4

    Serving as a board member of the SpCCJ is an exceptional opportunity to lead and develop activities central to the Spain-Japan business network. While serving on the board requires energy, drive and commitment, it also provides a rewarding opportunity to give back to the community, fostering growth opportunities between the two nations.

    The Board of Directors is a group of 5-15 current SpCCJ corporate members, elected by other members to address pressing issues and strategises on how to ensure that the organization is operating in the best interest of its stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, and the community.

    The Board of Directors decide the purpose and the overall direction of the SpCCJ, and puts in place the strategy for achieving the goals set out for the year. Key responsibilities of the board, in combination with the SpCCJ’s secretariat, include:

    • Setting suitable organisational aims and objectives;
    • Setting a budget which allows the SpCCJ to fulfil its purpose;
    • Agreeing on policies, targets and priorities;
    • Monitoring and reviewing the performance of the SpCCJ and the Secretariat.

    Who can Apply to be a Board Member

    Any candidate seeking nomination to the Board of Directors must meet the following criteria:

    1. Belong to a corporate member of the Chamber;
    2. Be of legal age;
    3. Reside in Japan;
    4. Have fulfilled their obligation to pay their membership fees to the Chamber; and
    5. Ensure impartiality and avoid any conflicts of interest.

    Candidate Profiles for SpCCJ Board of Directors FY2024-2026 Term

    The following candidates have been nominated for election and re-election as Director/ Auditor.

    Candidates for Re-Election

    Luis Perezagua

    Mr, Luis Perezagua

    Country Managing Director of X-ELIO Japan

    Dr. in Nuclear Engineering by the Polytechnic University of Madrid. 14 years my professional career has been involve in the Energy business, latest 7 in Japan focus in provide solutions that contribute to the Zero Transition. Sports lover, motorbike rider.

    Madrid, Spain, Dr. in Nuclear Engineering by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, working 14 years in the Energy Sector worldwide and 7 focused in Japan. Actual Country Managing Director of X-ELIO Japan.

    From X-ELIO we specialise in the development, construction, financing and operation of first-class renewable and sustainable utility-scale energy projects.

    Sustainability has become a necessity not only to countries and central governments but also to Corporates and I am proud to have the opportunity to be a part of facilitating partnerships that not only benefit our members but also contribute to the sustainable development goals of both countries thanks to my actual position leading X-ELIO in Japan.

    I am excited to express my sincere intent to seek re-election as Director of the SpCCJ putting positive energy in strengthening Bilateral Ties, Knowledge Exchange, and Network Opportunities and Enhancing the Value of our Members, both corporate and individual.

    I am eager to continue this journey with each one of you, and with your support, I am confident that we can achieve even greater success for the SpCCJ in the coming years.

    Looking forward to seeing you and continue taking part in this great project together.

    Kai Jacobsen

    Mr, Kai Gerrit Jacobsen

    President and Representative Director of Amadeus IT Group in Japan

    I am currently the President and Representative Director of Amadeus IT Group in Japan. Amadeus is a Spanish technology company listed in the IBEX providing solutions for the entire travel industry such as airports, airlines, travel sellers, hotels, rail companies among others. I have been working for Amadeus in different roles for more than 15 years in Madrid, Singapore and Tokyo, where I relocated in 2019.

    It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that I submit my candidacy for a second term at the Board of Directors of the SpCCJ. Amadeus has been closely connected since its inception and is one of the early members of the Chamber.

    I have been on the Board of Directors since 2023 and I have seen the SpCCJ growing and evolving during the difficult years of the pandemic. It is my objective to continue to strengthen and deepen the Spanish-Japanese business relationships moving forwards bringing the SpCCJ to the next level.

    Mr, Colin Chow

    President and Representative Director of Lladro Japan

    Colin is currently the President and Representative Director of Lladro Japan. He is also one of the board members of the Chamber since 2022. He is also one of the mentors in the Chamber Mentorship Program.

    Colin has spent 16 years in Japan prior to working in Hong Kong and Paris.

    With his strong acumen in business, particularly in the luxury and retail sectors, Colin aims to utilize his business network to bring benefits to both the Japanese and Spanish business communities.

    As a founding member of the Chamber, Lladro has been supporting different initiatives in the chamber and Colin will ensure this commitment to the continuous flourishment of the Chamber.

    Mr, Jorge Zazo

    Country Manager of Japan and The Philippines at Vector Renewables

    Jorge is currently responsible for country management for Vector Renewables in Japan and the Philippines, supporting the company’s growth in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. Vector Renewables is a service provider for renewable energy power plants.

    He has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and prior to joining VR, worked in Financial Audit and Banking Financial Consulting for EY. He also has a Master’s in Finance and International MBA, and worked at the Economic Office of the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo

    Is my pleasure to stand for re-election as an auditor for the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan.
    As someone who has seen the growth of the Spanish Chamber since its very inception, is a great joy to see the impact that the chamber is generating in the Spanish-Japanese business environment, the networking and the relationships that are being created thanks to it, and the potential to strengthen the collaboration in the future.

    Thanks to the work of the President, the Board of Directors and the Executive Members, the Chamber has reached a position that was unthinkable 6 years ago. I take this opportunity to continue offering my support to all the members, directors and relevant stakeholders to contribute to this growth.
    The last two years I stood as auditor we were able to see profitability, positive cash flows and sustained double-digit annual growth. There is potential to continue in the same line, so I ask the AGM members to trust the capabilities of this board to continue in the same line.

    New Candidates

    Cristina Gorincioi

    Ms, Cristina, Gorincioi

    Brand Ambassador for Alma Carraovejas, Sukoruni Wine

    I’m Cristina Gorincioi, currently immersing myself in the vibrant world of wines as the Brand Ambassador for Alma Carraovejas in Japan.

    My role involves presenting the excellence of Alma Carraovejas’ distinct wine projects across various Spanish regions to the discerning Japanese market. Building connections with partners, clients, and wine enthusiasts is not just a duty but a passion, ensuring the unique essence and quality of these exceptional Spanish wines resonate deeply in Japan.

    Serving on the SpCCJ Board would be an exceptional opportunity to lead and contribute to activities central to fostering the Spain-Japan business network. My energy, drive, and commitment align seamlessly with the dedication required for such a position.

    I envision contributing as a Director, representing Sukoruni. This role allows me to actively safeguard the interests of Spanish high-quality wines within the Japanese market. With a profound understanding of international trade and a passion for creating growth opportunities,

    I am poised to drive initiatives that align with the SpCCJ’s mission.

    Natalia Sanz

    Natalia Sanz Laviña

    architect, CEO and Creative Director at YSLA

    Spanish architect graduated from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and worked ten years at Kengo Kuma and Associates before co-founding YSLA, a cross-cultural architecture and design firm based in Tokyo whose work spans from exhibition design & curation to residential, hospitality, and office buildings.

    Awarded twice the Good Design Award and the Design Art Tokyo 2019. Academical activities include teaching environmental architecture at the Chuo University Faculty of Science and Engineering.

    Having actively participated in intercultural and multidisciplinary projects for Japanese companies I believe that creative cultural curation and design strategies are a valuable tool to strengthen and empower business relations and opportunities between Spain and Japan. That’s why I would like to add my experience connecting the cultural, design and technological sectors, to the professional diversity of the SpCCJ Board of Directors and the Chamber’s activities.

    I am looking forward to taking part in the success and spark of the SPCCJ.

    Un saludo, Natalia

    Jose Gozalbo


    President and Representative Manager in Maetel Construction Japan, KK

    Currently as President and Representative Manager in Maetel Construction Japan, KK, belonging to VINCI Group (listed French company), Maetel is a provider of EPC and O&M solutions for renewable energy, and during its presence in Japan, has completed and operated 12 large Solar parks.

    With a bachelor’s in business from the University of Valencia, a Spanish national, I already have 20 years in renewable energy companies, with experience among many others in Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Chile, Philippines, and since last 10 years in Japan. Previously, I used to work in a Private Bank and as a Financial manager in industrial companies.

    Passionate about Spain’s and Japan’s ways of life, not only in culture but in trade and economic relationships, I have an interest in participating in the Board of SpCCJ for a better understanding of different activity sectors in Japan and humbling contribute with my experience, initiatives and approach to enhance the array of SpCCJ presence and events.