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SpCCJ Online Sports Business Course is the perfect opportunity for those who are seeking for opportunities in the field of sports business. In this course, you will hear from business experts involved in the sports business industry, which will give you an insight of what is happening in the world of current sports business.


Take the first step into Sports Business industry. Get an insight on the current sports business and get connected with speakers and other participants.


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We aim to identify, inspire, and set on the right track the future protagonists of the sports industry, the ones who would contribute and lead the future growth of the sports business at a global scale.

Eduardo Fernandez-Cantelli

Professor of Marketing and Sport Management at IE

The three years he spent working as marketing manager for the Basketball Section at Real Madrid, Europe’s most successful football club, had a profound effect on Eduardo Fernández-Cantelli’s thinking as a marketing professor and teacher of the Sports Marketing Elective at IE. Those were years during which the club was going through a dramatic brand expansion. “Real Madrid is (and expected to be) a pioneer”, he says. “Apart from Manchester United, no team has ever had an understanding of how you can develop the emotional relationships with a football brand”.

Student or professionals who are interested in sports business

Sports fans

7 sessions

1.5 hours per session

Some sessions with a classic format of professors explaining on a concrete subject, others includes panel discussions or conversations among guests from different industries to share their experiences and knowledges.  

Participants will also have opportunity to ask questions and bring discussions to the table.  

  1. Introduction to Sports and Entertainment Industry
  2. Sponsorship Management
  3. Professional Sport Leagues
  4. Broadcasting Rights
  5. Sports Academy Management
  6. International Sports Management
  7. E-Sports
  8. Sports Technology

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  • Early Bird: 20,000JPY
  • Normal: 24,000JPY

SpCCJ Member:

  • Early Bird: 10,000JPY
  • Normal: 15,000 JPY

These requirements must be completed by participants in the course in order to obtain the certificate:

Must attend at least 7 sessions

Who will you learn from?

You will have the opportunity to learn from experts in some of the world’s leading sports business companies.

Course curriculum

You will have the opportunity to learn from experts in some of the world’s leading sports business companies.

Are there networking opportunities?

We know that networking can be just as important as the learning itself. You will become part of a restless and passionate community of people just like you, excited to learn, share, and support each other.

Take advantage of joining a global network with virtual meetups and a vibrant online community, or get involved in your local communities close to where you are based.

If the situation allows, we plan to hold a ceremony to hand a certificate to each of you who completed the course. 

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Registration deadline: Apr 30, 2021

Cancellation deadline: Apr 30, 2021

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