COVID-19 Vaccination Navi provides tools to search COVID-19 vaccination venues as well as the vaccination process.

  • You will receive a “Vaccination ticket (coupon)” and “Notice for COVID-19 vaccination.”

  • Before the vaccination becomes available in your area, your local government will send a “vaccination ticket (coupon)” and “Notice for COVID-19 Vaccination” to you. The vaccines will be supplied as they become available, and the vaccination will be provided in a given order based on age and other factors. 

  • Please go check the municipality website where you are a registered resident to see when you will receive the “vaccination ticket” and other vaccination details.

  • After that, you have the option to: 1. reserve through your municipality; 2. reserve at registered clinics, 3. reserve at large-scale national sites.

Notice on COVID-19 Vaccination

Vaccination Process:

  1. Confirm When you Can Be Vaccinated

  2. Find a Medical Institution or Vaccine Site

  3. Make a Reservation and Get the Vaccine

Pre-vaccination Screening Questionnaire for the COVID-19 Vaccine

*Note that the English Questionnaire is provided for reference only – the Japanese questionnaire must be filled out prior to vaccination.

Instructions for the COVID-19 vaccination

Information about the vaccine administration method, circumstances under which you should not or should be cautious about receiving the vaccine, what to do after receiving the vaccine, and features of the vaccine

Workplace (Shokuiki) Vaccine

If your company has over 1,000 staff to be inoculated, an option is to apply for individual Workplace vaccination that does not require a “vaccination ticket,” but relies on the company to input that data retrospectively.

NOTE: The GOJ announced to suspend new applications for Workplace vaccinations starting at 5 pm on Friday, June 25


Commercial options for corporations with over 50 employees for 4,400 yen /two shots/per person. (Japanese website)

  • Vaccine Certification: Q&A on whether a vaccine certification will be issued (Japanese)

  • The Commons Project: The Commons Project developed CommonPass, an application and data-sharing structure that enables individuals to securely prove their COVID-19 health status for travel and other purposes, without revealing other, extraneous personal data.