SpCCJ has now finalized the contract with the vendor and is in the process of notifying those on the waitlist of any available appointments up to our 400-participant maximum.

The waitlist is being managed in the order submissions were received. If an appointment has become available for your position on the waitlist, you will be notified via email to confirm your participation. Please note that once you confirm your reservation, you will be subject to cancellation penalties, detailed below.

If you have received an email from the SpCCJ confirming your registration to the July 4th ( June 30th in Osaka) “event” you and any guests registered by you have been allocated one of the 400 appointments reserved by the SpCCJ.

The SpCCJ is only coordinating this programme for our members. We are not responsible for any health issues that may be caused by vaccinations. Please read all the instructions and terms of conditions carefully before you sign up.



  • First inoculation: Sunday 4 July 2021 13:00 – 17:00 
  • Second inoculation: Sunday 1 August 2021 13:00 – 17:00 
  • First inoculation: Wednesday 30 June 2021 9:00 – 10:00  
  • Second inoculation: Wednesday 28 July 2021 9:00 –10:00

To avoid overcrowding at the facility, you and any guests registered by you will be allocated a 15-minute interval for arrival. 



TKP Ichigaya Conference Centre ANNEX 3F (TKP市ヶ谷カンファレンスセンターANNEX 3階)


TKP Garden City Osaka Umeda, Banquet 12A 


NOTE: the venue may change. Please refer to this page before embarking to your appointment.


Yes, but if you want to cancel a reservation, you may be subject to cancellation penalties detailed below. Please send the name of your guest, email address, and mobile phone number to info@spanishchamber.or.jp.

  • Residence card for identification (other forms of ID such as passport or driver’s license will also be accepted).
  • Complete the pre-vaccination screening form and the vaccination record which have been already emailed to your company. Bring them with you to the vaccination facility. The English version is the translation of the official form in Japanese. Please fill in the Japanese form by referring to the English translation. If you need a help please ask us or the TKP staff on the day.
  • Please indicate “在日スペイン商工会議所(Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan)“ as a “company name”
  • If you have already.received a vaccination ticket / voucher from your local municipality, bring it with you to the venue.

    If you have not yet received a vaccination ticket/voucher, you can still proceed with the vaccination appointment. Bring the ticket/voucher to your second appointment scheduled for August 1.

Other Notes

  1. Wear clothing with loose-fitting sleeves to allow easy access for the vaccination.

  2. You must wear a mask at all times while at the vaccination facility.

  3. Food and drink are not allowed within the facility.

At the vaccination facility you will:

  • Register with SpCCJ staff, who will confirm your identity and that you have the required documentation and take your temperature.

  • Medical staff will then review your vaccination pre-screening form and may ask you for additional details.

  • Following the consultation, you will receive your vaccination

    • Note that for privacy reasons the SpCCJ cannot retain your documents. It is your individual responsibility to retain and return with the documents at your second appointment. At the second appointment, SpCCJ staff will collect your envelope and documents and forward them to the vendor to confirm your participation and provision of the vaccination ticket/voucher.

    • If you fail to retain and return your documents or are unable to provide a vaccination ticket/voucher at the second appointment, you may be denied vaccination or be subject to financial penalties.

  • Receive your vaccination.

  • Have your documents reviewed by Vaccination Center staff, who will return the Vaccination Record to you, completed for your first shot.

    • You must retain and present this Vaccination Record when you return for your second shot.

    • Vaccination Center staff will scan your Vaccination Pre-screening form and collect them. These forms will be then given to the SpCCJ and kept in a sealed box for privacy. The sealed box will only be opened at the time of your second vaccination, and returned to you. This is the vendor’s process – of you have any concerns with SpCCJ retaining your pre-screening document potentially containing privater health information, please contact the SpCCJ.

      • The first vaccination pre-screening document, a second pre-screening document your will receive at the time of your second vaccination, the vaccination record and the vaccination ticket/voucher you have/will receive from your local municipality are all required to be presented at the time of the second vaccination to complete the process and avoid any penalty fees.

  • Wait for 15 minutes to ensure no adverse reaction.

  • Leave

The entire process should take approximately 45 minutes or less.

The process for the second vaccination is identical, and you will receive a completed vaccination record at that time. You will be required to submit your vaccination ticket/voucher from your local municipality at the time of your second vaccination.

Moderna mRNA-1273.

Unfortunately, the reimbursement agreement with GoJ prevents the vendor from offering the option of only receiving one shot.

All fees for all participants you register will be invoiced to you. We are unable to accept any other form of payment at this time. The SpCCJ is passing all fees to the vendor and is not charging any additional fees for this program.

Each participant will incur a charge of ¥4,400 to pay for the vendor’s administration of the program.

Actual costs for the vaccination are paid to the vendor through the Municipal Vaccination Voucher system.

  • If a participant does not forward their voucher to the vendor (we ask that you bring it with you to your second vaccination appointment), you will incur an additional (penalty) charge of ¥2,277 (as of June 23 and subject to increase by possibly ¥1,100). This is to compensate the vendor for their inability to recoup from the government the cost of the vaccination.
  • If a registered participant does not show up to be vaccinated, you will be charged the ¥4,400 fee and the penalty charge (above) for the unused appointment and vaccine. This is to compensate the vendor and the government for the unused appointment and vaccine.

As the SpCCJ member, you are responsible for fees and charges incurred by each participant you register. 


Scenario Fee Total Fee
Vendor's Administration fee for each participant who registers, receives two Moderna shots and submits vaccination ticket to vendor within 6 months
Additional penalty fee for each participant who registers but fails to attend one or both inoculations
¥2,277 (as of June 23 and subject to increase by possibly ¥1,100)
¥4,400 + ¥2,277 (as of June 23 and subject to increase by possibly ¥1,100)
Additional penalty fee for each participant who registers, receives two Moderna shots and fails to submit vaccination ticket to vendor within six months of inoculation
¥2,277 (as of June 23 and subject to increase by possibly ¥1,100)
¥4,400 + ¥2,277 (as of June 23 and subject to increase by possibly ¥1,100)

The SpCCJ has contracted with the TKP Occupational Vaccine Center to offer members the opportunity for small group private vaccinations. More information on TKP can be found here. If you require vaccinations for more than 50 people, we encourage you to contact TKP or another third-party vendor directly.

In order to provide the COVID-19 Vaccination to our companies and its employees it is necessary for the SpCCJ to collect and process various categories of personal information. Only relevant data is recorded, for example, data that is necessary to identify the patient, book his/her appointment and record his/her vaccination.

The personal information gathered will be used or disclosed only for the purposes of vaccination programme management and reporting.