Annual General Meeting 2022


Who can vote?

Each Corporate Member has one voting right.

The Corporate Member must have fulfilled its fee contribution obligations towards the Chamber at the moment of the voting. 

Individual Members do not have voting rights. 

When can I vote?

The voting period will start from March 10th at 15h JST and it will remain open until March 14th at 15h JST.

What will be voted?

  • Consent to hold a virtual AGM: The Members should agree on the meeting format
  • FY2021 Financial statements: The SpCCJ presents its last year financial statements to its members for approval.
  • FY2022 Budget: The SpCCJ presents its FY2021 budget to its members for approval.
  • Election of the board of directors and auditor: The members elect the board of directors for the upcoming 3 years.

    Where should I vote?

    The voting for the election of the Directors will be an online process accessible from March 9, 3 pm JST,  through Electionrunner website:

    Members with voting rights will receive their login credentials by mail. 

    Contact [email protected] if you have any problem during the process. 

    Candidate Profiles for SpCCJ Board of Directors 2022-2024 Term

    The following candidates have been nominated for election as Director/ Auditor.

    Candidate for Director

    Mr Colin Chow

    President and Representative Director, Lladro Japan & Korea

    Born and brought up in Hong Kong, I have been working and living in Hong Kong, and then France before settling into Japan for more than a decade.

    Currently I am the President and Representative Director in Lladro Japan and Korea.

    I have had the fortunate and honour to support the Chamber’s various activities such as business award since the beginning of joining Lladro (a porcelain art brand originated from Valencia) two years ago. I see huge potential and uniqueness of Spanish art and craftmanship in many forms and presentations and strongly feel that I am obliged to promote the artistic aspect of Spaniard in Japan. My objectives as running for the board of directors is to

    1. Grow the chamber to make it stronger and appealing to our members.
    2. Contribute my experience, business network and energy in growing the Spanish business community in Japan
    3. Increase the importance of Spanish chamber to strengthen the business ties between Spain and Japan.

    Candidate for Director

    Mr Kai Jacobsen

    SVP Airlines North Asia & Pacific, Amadeus IT Group & Representative Director, Amadeus Japan

    Kai Gerrit Jacobsen is leading the Airline team covering the North Asia and Pacific region. Kai and his team are supporting airlines to grow their business through digital transformation, transitioning to modern distribution and retailing practices positioning Amadeus as a strategic partner.

    He is also the Managing Director of the Amadeus corporation in Japan.

    Kai joined Amadeus in 2005 at the headquarters in Madrid and has been working in various roles since then. In 2014 Kai relocated to Singapore where he was managing the distribution relationships with airlines in Asia Pacific.

    Prior to Amadeus Kai was working for 5 years for Roland Berger, a leading European management consulting firm. His career started with the Lufthansa Group.

    Kai is a German national and lives in Tokyo since 2019. In addition to Europe and Asia, he has lived and worked as well in Latin America and the US. He holds an MBA from ESADE and a B.A from the University of Reutlingen.

    He also obtained an Airline Management Degree while working for Lufthansa.

    Candidate for Director

    Mr Luis Perezagua

    Representative Director and Country Manager , Solarig Japan Services

    Born in Madrid, Spain, graduated in Industrial Engineering and PHD in Nuclear Energy by the University Polytechnics of Madrid.

    Before coming to Japan, I worked as Engineering Director in charge of designing and managing the construction of hospitals and singular building, focused in energy efficiency and granted with the USGBC LEED Certificate AP. Co-Founder of an engineering consultancy company and professor at the European University of Madrid.

    Since almost 4 years I am lucky enough to call Japan my home, deeply interiorizing the culture, people, traditions and enforcing the qualities of both countries with common union links.

    Now, acting as Representative Director and Country Manager of Solarig has the responsibility and honor to take part the Japan Renewable Energy Market empowering it with the knowledge developed in our country as Energy World Reference and with the aim of bring big environmental and economical benefits to Japan, making it a better place to live.

    Since 2018 that joined the SpCCJ truly believe in the value of the entity and now consider myself enough capability and energy to raise myself to be elected as director and contribute with daily commitment in create value to our members, add new ones that make our Chamber stronger in the scene consolidating the links between Spanish and Japanese professionals.

    Candidate for Director

    Ms Sayuri Ishimi

    Japan Representative Director, Garcia Carrion


    Born and brough up in Spain, but with close contact both personally and professionally with Japan and France. I graduated in Translation and Interpretation by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, master’s degree in Economy and Business in East Asia and Executive MBA by EAE Business School.

    I’m director of García Carrión in Japan and person in charge of Southeast Asia and Oceania markets.  Prior to coming to Japan 2 years ago, I hold the position of area manager for France while supporting the Japanese market.  Since I joined our company, I had the chance to witness the synergies that can be created among the different markets and cultures.

    JGC started this project because we know Japan is really unique that has both lots to offer to and willing to get from other countries like Spain. It cannot be denied that to succeed in this market we need to understand the culture, the way of doing business and then find the ways to create value for it. This is one of my main missions, embedded in the support to our clients, helping them to increase brand awareness and new business opportunities. At the same time, translating the needs of the market to be able to adapt to in these times of constant change.

    We had the support of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce since the beginning in 2019, and it has been a great asset. I had the chance to participate in many events, see the potential of Spanish companies and products in Japan, and learned so much since then. We still have a long way to go, and I am positive that I can do my bit in the Chamber and help increase the awareness of Spanish companies. It would be a pleasure and an honor to contribute collaborating and sharing ideas with you.

    Candidate for Auditor

    Mr Jorge Zazo

    Country Manager, Vector Renewables

    Originally from Madrid, Spain. Graduated in Economics from Autonoma de Madrid University plus Erasmus in Poland, with a Master Degree in Finance in ICADE, and Accounting and complemented with an International MBA by ICEX. Almost trilingual in English, Japanese and Spanish. Traveler, passionate for mountain and two-wheel sports. Working as Country Manager for Vector Renewables in Japan, with prior work experience in Embassy of Spain in Tokyo, and EY Madrid.

    Since my first experience working in Tokyo, everything has been linked to the connection between Spain and Japan. My role working with Mizuko Uchida was to support the existing Spanish companies and promote the bilateral investment. The European embassies succeeded with the signature of the trade agreement between the EU and Japan. At that time, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce was created.

    It was clear for me that my purpose coming to Japan was not limited to enjoying sushi and sake, but towards relation, promotion, and support to our common businesses. Ultimately, as professionals raised within Spain business culture and residing in Japan, our value comes from generating opportunities that link those two attributes.

    I came to Japan to work in the Embassy of Spain, after working four years in EY Madrid in auditing and consulting for financial entities, and then moved into renewable energy, starting from a trainee position in Vector Renewables in Japan to currently being the Country Manager.

    Working in the renewable energy sector has allowed me to meet many Spanish companies and professionals who helped positioning Spain as a reference of quality. Vector`s purpose is to support quality renewable energy, regardless of the background of the clients. We need to continue pushing to do things the right way, encouraging quality, creating connections, and the best way to do that is contributing to the visibility that the Chamber of Commerce gives and receives from the companies.