Anual General Meeting 2021


Who can vote?

Each Corporate Member has one voting right.

The Corporate Member must have fulfilled its fee contribution obligations towards the Chamber at the moment of the voting. 

Individual Members do not have voting rights. 

When can I vote?

The voting period will start from March 11th at 15h JST and it will remain open until March 15th at 17h JST.

What will be vote?

  • Consent to hold a virtual AGM: The Members should agree on the meeting format
  • FY2020 Financial statements: The SpCCJ presents its last year financial statements to its members for approval.
  • FY2021 Budget: The SpCCJ presents its FY2021 budget to its members for approval.
  • Election/re-election of the board of directors: The members elect the board of directors for the upcoming 3 years.

    Where should I vote?

    The voting for the election of the Directors will be an online process accessible from March 11th, 3 pm JST,  through Electionrunner website:

    Or thought the Electionrunner app.  Download it for free to your smartphone using the links bellow: 

    Members with voting rights will receive their login credentials by mail. 

    Contact if you have any problem during the process. 

    Candidate Profiles for SpCCJ Board of Directors 2021-2023 Term

    The following candidates have been nominated for election as Director, for a total of 15 openings. 

    Mr Guillermo Gutierrez

    CEO at Chanel Japan

    Originally from Bilbao, Spain, I graduated in International Economics from the University of the Basque Country (Spain). I am also a graduate of the EU’s Executive Training Program in Japan (ETP 7).

    I have spent most of my professional career at Chanel. I am currently the CEO of Chanel Japan.Over two times, I have spent more than 17 years in Japan.

    I have had the honor of being the president of the Spanish chamber since November 2017. We are a small chamber, but I believe there is great opportunity in helping Spanish businesses succeed in the world’s third-largest economy. We will be facing still difficult times during the pandemic and I believe that the candidate directors have a great combination of talent to see the chamber through this year.

    As you know, the Japan-EU EPA is still in development and our participation in the European Business Council gives Spanish companies a voice in shaping access to the Japanese markets in sectors that were closed up to now. We need a strong chamber so we can have a strong voice in these important negotiations

    Mr Mario Campos

    Head of Finance & Administraton at Amadeus Japan

    My life pre-Amadeus is filled with long experience in diverse fields such as Logistics, Education or Real State. But 9 years ago, my life changed after I got my First Class Honour Degree in Finance & Administration and an internship position within the company.

    9 years after, I hold an additional Master in Finance & Economics Management and Morgan Stanley training in London and I represent my company in Japan as Head of Finance & Administration, achieving my long life dream of living in Japan.

    Being “Ambassador” and “representative” of your country abroad, so far, it is a big responsibility but at the same time an honour and bigger opportunity.

    As Spaniard, I am really proud where I come from, and I really love Spain, our culture, our delicious gastronomy, our beautiful, diverse and unique country. I feel the obligation of sharing all of this with the people I know for them to discover it and enjoy it too. In the same way that when I arrive in Japan I was looking forward to knowing much more about the country, their history, the language, the traditions, etc. this is what I am willing to transmit from Spain to all Japanese and foreigners that I am meeting in my adventure in here.

    I cannot find a better way of doing this than through the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan, helping Spanish culture and business to be better known and appreciated in Japan, Asia and the world.

    Mr Alfonso Martinez Matosas

    Representative Director at Grupo Antolin Japan

    I am the Representative Director of Grupo Antolin Japan, a group company of Grupo Antolin which is a leading multinational company in automotive interiors.

    I hold an MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona and developed my career both in Spain and in Asia with experiences in the field of Business Development, Finance and Management. Prior to coming to Japan, I was responsible for Managing Asia´s growth strategy and managed negotiations for JV and M&A in China and worldwide. 

    I have been a member of the Board of Directors of SpCCJ since 2018.

    It is an honour to represent Spanish companies in such a culturally-different country as Japan; it is a challenging environment in which most foreign companies can feel “isolated” with little access to some basic information and network.

    Being able to help to improve this situation is very rewarding.  At the same time the Spanish Chamber of Commerce is still quite young, and thanks to my entrepreneurial & global multinational mindset, I can contribute to bringing new ideas and perspectives, which can help to consolidate its growth and stability.

    This is even more important In current covid-19 times, where difficulties and uncertainty are everywhere, and a proactive and positive attitude is the only way to move forward.       

    Mr Marcos Saa

    Business Development Manager Japan at Iberia

    I have had the honor to become Iberia Business Development Manager Japan since November 2018. It has been an exciting opportunity; both personal and professional one. On the professional side, Iberia Japan is part of a Joint Venture with Japan Airlines, Finnair and British Airways. 

    This has been an excellent training for me; a truly University!!! Before Japan, my international experiences were based in Africa and Europe. Of course, I love travelling and meeting new people.

    I was born In Galicia, in Vigo. As a truly Galician, I have in my DNA the migrant and adventurous tendency. Apart from that, I am an economist by college degree. 

    After my life in academia, my initial goal was to become a hotel manager. However, Iberia, the Spanish Airline, crossed my path by chance and it has offered me some amazing opportunities til today. Needless to say that I fall in love with that world of planes and so much travelling.

    I would divide my professional life in two parts: the first one, analyzing demand and supply, and the second one in the field; selling.

    Mr Fernando Picazo

    CEO & Founder at Yoitabi Travel

    Born in Spain, I graduated from University of Valencia in 2003. After getting my PhD, I moved to Japan on 2010.

    I am CEO & Founder of Yoitabi Travel, a travel agency specialized in Japan. We are helping Spanish speakers around the world to know more about Japanese culture, and to design for them unforgettable trips to enjoy one of the best and more beautiful countries in the world.

    From 2018 I have been director of the Spanish chamber of Commerce. After living 10 years in Japan, I wanted to contribute with my experience to get the chamber to grow. The SpCCJ is the perfect place to do networking and to work together with other companies with the same challenges, goals and difficulties.

    We are an small chamber at the moment, but together we can transform the way the Spanish companies make business here and improve the image of Spain in Japan. Be part of this new stage of the chamber would be for me a big honor as well as a huge responsibility.

    Ms Maria Varela

    Director Asia Pacific, Japan at CVNE

    María Varela Martín Born in Santiago de Compostela, Spain in 1987.


    • Bachelor of Laws L.L.B. University of La Coruña (UDC) Spain
    • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Administration University of La Coruña (UDC) Spain


    • Financial Auditor in PricewaterhouseCoopers, Spain
    • International Project Manager (large engineering projects) in Isolux Corsan, Brasil
    • Mikuni Wine General Manager, Japan
    • CVNE Director Asia Pacific, Japan

    I’ve been part of the chamber for a few years.
    Starting a project of this magnitude from the beginning is hard, but also very rewarding.

    Being able to see the achievements year after year is a clear motivation to continue participating in this project.

    In these times of change and uncertainty, proper financial planning and monitoring are more important than ever.

    I would like to continue helping in these tasks to optimizing the behaviour of the camera in the short and medium-term.

    In the same way, I would like to continue supporting the camera in the different upcoming events and in projects such as the CEJ.

    Dr David Yeregui Marcos del Blanco

    CEO & Founder at NIshibi

    I am a Process and Robotics Engineer and hold a PhD in Production and Computing Engineering summa cum laude, having been a resident in Japan for the past 14 years.

    I have co-founded 4 companies in the biotech, renewable energies and lean engineering fields, creating over 250 jobs (over 50% females), co-managing investments involving structured finance totalling over 1 Billion USD.

    Additionally, education is my passion and I am a professor at IE University and Globis University.

    I have been lucky enough to call Japan my home since 2006. Throughout all these years I have witnessed a progressive openness and understanding of Japan towards the world in general, and also Spain in particular.

    The traditional symbols associated to our country (flamenco, bullfighting, paella etc.), while accurate, precious and worth of all of our support, are not the only ones.

    So in order to transmit an accurate, diverse and appealing image of what Spain represents in the XXI century, Institutions like the Chamber of Commerce are a key component in the ecuation.

    For my part, I have been a member of the Chamber since 2017. My motivation has always been that of putting my experience as Tech Entrepreneur, Researcher and University Professor in fields with great potential (Biotechnology, Renewable Energies and Cybersecurity) at the disposal of the Institution in order to foster and enhance the existing relationships in between Spain and Japan.

    I truly believe that the commonalities of the two countries run much deeper that the respective cliches, as I have been able to witness during the past 15 years in cutting edge sectors.

    That is why I would like to stand for election: I think I can contribute to a deeper, stronger relatioship between Spain and Japan in sectors destined to take us to a healthier, cleaner and safer world.

    Ms Kaoru Iino

    Country Director, Japan, IE Business School & IE University

    Kaoru is responsible for managing recruitment & admission activities and branding in Japan for IE University. She has over 16 years of experience in marketing, sales, B2B business development and Go-To-Market strategy planning in the technology sector such as Verizon and British Telecom. She holds MBA at IE Business School in 2008. In her free time, she practices yoga. Mother of a 7 years old girl.

    Spain has become like a second home to me since I did my MBA studies at IE in Madrid. I have worked for companies headquartered in the US and the UK, and now I am the head of the Japanese Market at IE University, an international educational institution in Madrid.

    IE University’s visibility in Japan is increasing every year. And we are quickly adopting a variety of measures to ensure that the unique circumstances of the COVID-19 circumstance do not stop us from providing international business education, effectively using the latest technology. Spain is a very competitive and attractive country for its amazing tourism, renewable energy business, fashion and rich culture.

    I believe that Japan has a lot more to learn from Spanish business. I’d like to continue my efforts to raise more awareness in the Japanese market that Spain is one of the most advanced countries in the higher education field, such as business, entrepreneurship and leadership.

    Mr Joaquin Vazquez

    COO, Tokyo Branch at BBVA

    Although with a degree in electronics and work experience as head of Mainframe Room of Repsol, S.A. HQ in Madrid for 5 years and then BA of Laws by Keio University in Tokyo and joining Fujitsu Ltd. HQ in Tokyo in projects related to supercomputers for Spain for (3yrs); the rest of my carrier has been in banking with BBVA.

    Joining BBVA first in Tokyo in 1991 and then Spain; I have always been in charge of projects abroad until I transferred to Hong Kong in 2006 as BBVA COO for Asia-Pacific helping the expansion of the Group by setting up and running the operations of new branches across Asia.

    In 2015 I also became General Manager of BBVA Hong Kong Branch; a position that I held together with my Asia-Pacific COO one until 2018 when I returned to Japan in a consultant position at BBVA branch in Tokyo.

    The Japan I encountered in this second stay from 2018 is quite different from the one I found in my first stay (1985-1998). Japanese ways have changed.

    What I believe has not changed as much as it should have is the level of economic relationship with Spain and the great distance that separate other European brands from ours in Japan.

    Spain should reach the level of visibility and trust it deserves and it will be an honour to join the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan in this endeavour.

    Mr Hiruyuki Hara

    General Manager at Freixenet Japan

    From Fuchu city, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. Living in Yokohama for 25 years. Bachelor‘s degree at Kyoto Bukkyo University.

    30 years working in importing Wine & Spirits industry. Currently working at Freixenet Japan as General Manager.

    Would like to contribute to further strengthening the existing bonds with Spain and Japan, which offer my experience in foods and alcoholic beverages.

    I’d like to support the Spanish chamber for the continuation of its efforts to grow the membership and integrate new arrivals to the Spanish community in Japan.