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Lladró is a Spanish brand and world leader in the design and creation of artistic porcelain. Even though it is a multinational, it is still the same artisan workshop set up by the Lladró brothers Juan, José and Vicente back in 1953.

Over sixty years later, Lladró continues to create all its pieces by hand in Valencia, in its only factory in the world, following an artisan process as complex as it is fascinating, which makes each piece unique and unrepeatable. A factory of dreams in porcelain that the brand exports to over 120 countries on the five continents.

The brand continues exploring new paths in pieces that tell us unique stories. Referring to sculpture, the High Porcelain creations are its maximum artistic category, while the collections of lighting, home décor and fashion accessories couple beauty and functionality.

Lladró creations speak of our tastes and of our dreams in the unique language of porcelain. Their magical ability to transport us to our most cherished memories and their wide range of themes and finishes make them the perfect pieces for gifts and for decoration.

For more information, please visit http://www.lladro.jp/