¡Fiesta de España!

Spanish theme festival ¡Fiesta de España! organized by our new Big Corporate Member Prince Hotel & Resorts is taking place from 4/26 until 6/30 at the nine hotels of the Prince Hotel Group in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Our President Guillermo Gutierrez participated during the launching event which was helded at Tokyo Park Tower last 24/4

¡Fiesta de España! is supported by the Spanish Embassy, the SpCCJ, Tourspaña and 2 of the our Big Corporate Members: Iberia and Lladró and counts with the collaboaration from other member of th SpCCJ, Solan de Cabras.

The highlights of the fair are an exclusive 3-night dinner event by chef Oscar Velasco (Santceloni, 2-star Michelin) and our special Tapas Nigh Fiesta de España Edition, on next Thursday, 13th of June.

Book your ticket soon if you don’t want to miss it!